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Excercise Rehabilitation Therapy

Exercise therapy as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to aid in the recovery of patients from either disease or injury restores function and plays an integral part in preventative lifestyle modification strategies. Exercise is used progressively in rehabilitation medicine to reduce recovery time and the risk of re-injury. Several chronic diseases of our time are lifestyle related and thus could partly be managed by incorporating physical activity. Various studies confirm the importance of leisure time physical activity participation in reducing the crippling effects of destructive lifestyle habits.

Activity intervention has the aim of improving aspects of physical function and the reduction of risk factors based on the physiological effects of condition. Each disease or injury has a specific protocol that needs to be followed in order for that condition to be addressed scientifically.

Specifics related to type of exercise (mode), duration, frequency and intensity is crucial to facilitate the correct physiological response.

Structured exercise therapy entails the assessment of the condition, goal setting and education, supervised or prescribed exercise intervention, re-assessment following completion of therapy protocol and lifestyle modification to establish lasting effects of intervention.

Regular consultation and monitoring helps patients and clients to maintain their positive lifestyle change with good health and ability as the outcome.

Physical activity programs scientifically implemented and monitored has several benefits in managing the following conditions:
Heart Disease Stroke
Respiratory Disease Osteoporosis
Diabetes Mellitus Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Arthritis Obesity
Neuromuscular Disease Cancer
Spinal Cord Injury End Stage Renal Disease
Orthopedic Injury Aging
Aging – Loss of Functional Ability Physical Impairment
Exercise Rehabilitation Therapy

Positive Lifestyle

Good Health & Ability

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